Jornada: A Composer's Journey

Writing for Andree-Ann Deschenes' CD Wanderings

I love the freedom of composing for my own projects, but receiving commissions has always helped me stretch my ideas and get out of my comfort zone. As soon as I receive a commission, I begin immersing myself into that…

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Playing Scrabble (with video!)

Deciding the repertoire for a CD is always difficult: what's the best blend of music styles? Do old charts work well with the new ones? What story do I want to tell on this particular album? 

Even though most of…

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The Story Behind "Flight 962"

One of the charts we have recently recorded for our upcoming CD is called “Flight 962,” an upbeat samba tune with a memorable melody and an intro that features a “busy little line”-- in the words of our pianist David…

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Collaborating in Washington State

This is my first blog entry! I am excited to share the behind-the-scenes of my work as a composer, my upcoming projects, the reasoning (and eventual lack of reasoning) for doing the thing I dreamed of doing since I was…

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